Share Your Story

Do you have a story about civil rights in your school or community, that you would like to share?


Have you experienced or observed prejudice and discrimination?  Are you or others speaking up on issues, organizing a group, or working on a civil rights project?  The academy is a platform for sharing your story.


Some possible topics and actions could include:

  • We surveyed student attitudes about discrimination
  • Football players unfurled a banner to Stop Racism
  • We protested against teachers who tells racist jokes
  • Students planned a workshop to train teachers to handle sensitive issues
  • The principal said no to a gay-straight alliance and students gathered signatures on a petition
  • There is racial discrimination in the school and students are taught how to respond to bigotry


Some possible formats could be:

  • Conduct an interview of someone who advocates for civil rights
  • Organize a march and capture on video
  • Perform a piece of spoken word art
  • Photograph students at an anti-racist workshop
  • Record students speaking at the school board
  • Video yourself and/or a group of your friends

Submit your Video

  1. Identify a civil rights issue or project in your school or community.
  2. Submit your original writing (prose or poetry) or make a video using a smartphone or a camcorder talking about the issue. Be sure to:
    • Emphasize youth perspective and youth voice
    • Your video can be 1-2 minutes or longer, it’s generally a good rule to break anything longer than 10 -minutes into sections
  3. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Here are instructions on uploading your video to either platform.
  4. Submit your link to us via the form below. Include the following:
    • Your e-mail address (*required)
    • If video link, provide topic and (3-5 sentences) why it is important to you/intro summary.  If an original written submission include text here (*required)
    • First and last name/initial & age (optional)
  5. We will respond within one week to give our approval or ask for additional information. We cannot guarantee that all videos will be put on the website.

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