Student Activism

Students and their peers in athletics in colleges, middle, and high schools have always been at the root of civil rights and anti-racist work. Below is an example from the University of Missouri’s student organizers for youth-led movements as represented by NPR. And a timeline on the Maneater – the official, independent student news source of the university and an article in the Atlantic.

“The student-voice movement is mobilizing around the sense that students are ignored as active agents of their own destiny,” and student input is “largely relegated to the margin when it comes to conversations about education policy creation, feedback, and reform.” ~ Andrew Brennen, a national field director for Student Voice

Questions to Consider and Discuss
  • What do you see in the above stories, pictures, and videos? What are the people doing, and why?
  • What problem or issue are they are trying to address? What actions are they taking, and with what effects?
  • What next steps would you advise them to take?