The Fellows

We are so proud of our Social Justice Fellows! Learn more about their incredible work through the videos below.

About the Social Justice + Civil Rights Fellows


The Fellows are young people of high school age who participate in the youth dialogues program and then step forward to address the root causes of problems and the institutional structures the perpetuate them.   They are people of African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and Latin American descent.  They are mostly middle or lower-middle income class although a few of them are upper-middle income class and others are homeless.

The fellows conduct projects of their own choosing. They form new action groups, participate in research and evaluation projects, and support schools and communities in policy advocacy.  For example, they collaborated with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, to produce a state resolution calling for diversity learning for every student in the public schools.



  • Ela Khasnabis Upton, Washtenaw International High School
  • Andriana Nicoghosian, Bloomfield Hills High School
  • Sinan Alanee, Bloomfield Hills High School
  • Arslaan Zahid, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
  • Ava Nasser, Dearborn High School
  • Azaan Dinkins, International Academy OKMA
  • Cerina Abdulkarim, Fordson High School
  • Christine Cai, H. H. Dow High School
  • Jaanvi Reddy Muchanthla, Novi High School
  • Jada Jackson, Grosse Pointe North High School
  • Jaden Green, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
  • Janet Tian, Northville High School
  • Jash Sarveshkumar, Salem High School
  • Katie Peck, Grosse Pointe South High School
  • Kaylee Razo, Detroit Cristo Rey High School
  • Rami Abdulla, Fordson High School
  • Rida Salim, Novi High School
  • Rithi Ramamurthy, Novi High School
  • Shreya Patel, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
  • Tasnim Basha, International Academy OKMA
  • Angelina Bailo, International Academy OKMA

Rida Salim, Ava Nasser, Christine Cai

Katie Peck

Sinan Alanee and Andriana Nicoghosian

Azaan Dinkins

Rami Abdulla, Cerina Abdulkarim

Opportunity Disparities in Michigan High Schools

Tasnim Basha, Christine Cai, Kaylee Razo, and Angelina Bailo

Jaanvi Reddy Muchanthla

Rithi Ramamurthy

Jada Jackson

Shreya Patel

Disparities in Educational Resources

Jash Sarveshkumar

Arslaan Zahid

Ela Khasnabis Upton

Rida Salim

Jaden Green


  • Elise Ward, Portage High School
  • Fatima Rahman, Detroit Public Schools
  • Julissa Labra, Congress of Communities
  • KipReizz, Northville High School
  • Nahlia Moncrief, Novi High School
  • Nuri Hannan, Detroit Public Schools
  • Valerie Yang, Northville High School
  • Ahmed Kaid, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services
  • Alyamama Abdo, Dearborn High School
  • Anaya Winesberry Grosse Pointe North
  • Malena Lilly, Grosse Pointe South
  • Nadia Blake, Plymouth Canton High School
  • Sudeepti Rao, Novi High School
  • Khushi Gooroochurn, Novi High School


  • Jordan Soloman
  • Nilay Mistry
  • Alesha Dean-Weathersby
  • Sunidhi Majalikar
  • Atishay Kumar
  • Siena Weisbrodt
  • Aniyah Stokes

A Tale of Two Cities: The Border of Inequity

Jordan Solomon

Youth Power, Not Just Voice

Sunidhi Majalikar

Research on The Model Minority Myth & Bias-Training

Nilay Mistry

Are Schools Doing Enough to Support Our Students’ Mental Health Needs?

Atishay Kumar

Can The Education System Create an Inclusive and Equitable, Multicultural Society?

Aniyah Stokes

Equal Opportunities in Education

Alesha Dean-Weathersby

Inclusion in Curricula

Siena Weisbrodt