Martin Luther King Day Marches in Dearborn

Student leaders in three high schools in Dearborn, Michigan collaborate to organize an annual march on Martin Luther King Day. Dearborn is a diverse community which includes people of European, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern descent, and the purpose is to recognize differences and build bridges across them in a new and more multicultural Dearborn. Many of the student leaders prepared for this work through participation in Youth Dialogues on Race and Ethnicity in Metropolitan Detroit.

Dearborn March is an example of projects that might be sent to Reimagining Martin Luther King Day, described elsewhere in the present website.

Real Dearborn March 2017

Real Dearborn March 2016

Questions to Consider and Discuss
  • What is a “march”? If Martin Luther King were alive today, what would he think about students – from diverse backgrounds – marching for social justice on the dyer that commemorates him?
  • What would it take to organize a march in your own community?
  • Are there student leaders and adult allies in your school that would have interested in this idea? Could you invite them to a meeting to discuss this possibility?