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The posts below are drawn from public social media accounts and represent a variety of civil rights and social justice conversations that are happening in real time across the internet.  The content below may include potentially distressing material and you should continue reading only if you feel comfortable engaging with difficult and possibly even offensive content.  The comments and opinions that appear below do not necessarily reflect the views of the Youth Civil Rights Academy or the University of Michigan.

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Safe & Easy! Voting By Mail In Georgia • BRAVE NEW FILMS (BNF) WE DON'T MONETIZE OUR FILMS!
As a result Google & Youtube don’t push our content or suggest it to viewers as often. It really helps us if you can subscribe AND hit the notification bell so you don’t miss our ...
Time to rise to the occasion In her global human rights update at the UN Human Rights Council, UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet calls for urgent action to heighten resilience and protect people's rights. At this critical time in world history, human rights guidance will ...
“Gender is completely fluid.” | It Gets Better: Music Therapist Jerwin Monje “I don’t feel that someone should be confined to the color blue or the color pink.”
Musical therapist Jerwin Monje talks about how expressing their queerness helped them out of the lowest time in their life.
If you are in ...

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